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Bronze Oil-Lite

Bronze Oil-Lite


Bronze Oil-Lite bushings are oil impregnated bronze bearings that are manufactured through the Powdered Metal (PM) process. SurfRainbow offers a wide range of products made from Powdered Metal Bronze, which includes plain bushings, flanged bushings, and washers.

Properties of Bronze Oil-Lite

Following are some of the properties of sintered bronze plain sleeve bushings that we offer:

  • Dynamic Load: ~ 14 N/mm2
  • Static Load: 50 N/mm2
  • Rec Speed Range: 0.3 to 0.5 m/s

To know more about the Oil-Lite bushings, you can call us at 800-407-8514. You can also email us at

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Advantages of Oil Impregnated Bronze Bushings

Following are few of the many advantages that Rainbow Precision Products’ oil impregnated bronze bearings offer:

  1. Versatility: The oil impregnated bronze bushings are highly versatile, and they can be used to meet production requirements in several industries.
  2. Tolerance: The tight tolerances of these bushings result in better press fits due to reduced shaft clearances.
  3. Efficiency: These bushings have high efficiency for light loads at high speeds, as well as heavy loads at moderate speeds.
  4. Precision: These bushings can be manufactured accurately as per the desired specifications.
  5. Self-Lubrication: The bronze Oil-Lite bushings lubricate themselves with SAE 30 oil. These bushings release oil during operation, and form a uniform protective layer.
  6. Noiseless Operation: As these bushings are self-lubricated, they perform quieter operations.

Applications of Bronze Oil-Lite Bushings

These bushings are widely used in several applications, which include:

  1. Automotive: In the automotive industry, these bushings are used in sprockets, gears, sleeves, etc.
  2. Ordnance: The high level of efficiency of the bronze bushings makes them first choice in applications such as space vehicles, aircraft, and weapons.
  3. Agriculture: Being highly versatile, the bronze Oil-Lite bushings are used in various garden and farm equipment.
  4. Industrial: As these bushings can be manufactured to high precision, they are used in several industrial applications like turbine blades, machinery components, and medical equipment.