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Banded V-Belts BX ,CX , B , C , D , 3VX , 5VX , 8V - Continental ContiTech

Banded V-Belts  BX ,CX , B , C , D , 3VX , 5VX , 8V


Banded Belts Typical applications for banded V-belts include vertical shaft drives, clutching drives, and V-flat drives. Banded V-belts are recommended for use where belt vibration or belt whip causes unsatisfactory results when conventional multiple single V-belts are used. Another advantage of banded V-belts is the considerable degree of design flexibility they can provide since they operate just as effectively when they, in turn, are used as match sets. A two belt unit for example, has sufficient lateral rigidity so as to not interface with the units in adjacent grooves. Banded V-belts or joined construction, these belts tend to prevent rollover and reduce vibration tendencies. Banded belts are usually better suited to unusual drive situations than are matched belt sets. They are available in the classical cross sections. (A, B, BX,C,CX & D), narrow cross sections (3V, 5V,5VF & 8V,8VF), and Poly-V® cross sections (H, J, L, & M).

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