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FHP V-Belts 2L , 3L , 4L , 5L - Continental ContiTech Drive Belts

FHP V-Belts 2L , 3L , 4L , 5L


Continental ContiTech’s (formerly Goodyear) Fractional Horsepower belts are classical V-belts designed for 3L, 4L, and 5L light-duty FHP belts. These belts are used for drives of 1 HP or less. These belts feature molded cog construction, which makes it easier to use these V-belts with sheaves of small diameters. Surfrainbow stocks a vast variety of FHP belts in various specifications. Also, there are matching sheaves in Single and Two A groove, Single and Two B groove, Single A-BTS, Single B-BTS, Two A-Groove –BTS, and Two B groove –BTS descriptions. The efficiency of these belts begin at 93% with small sheaves, and increases as sheave diameters increase. Design and improved efficiency of these FHP V-belts help users achieve high power requirements with low HP drives. Goodyear FHP V-belts run longer and smoother with improved energy efficiency than most other non-cogged V-belts in the market.

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Beneficial Features of FHP V-Belts

The V-belts are valued and preferred in many industrial applications due to their following features:

  • High tensile Vytacord construction helps improve dimensional stability.
  • Ozone, oil, and abrasion resistant backing ensures trouble-free operation.
  • Engineered rubber construction helps ensure maximum flexibility.
  • Molded cog construction helps improve heat dissipation, which improves air flow during the operation. This helps reduce the internal temperature, and improves the belt life.
  • Low cross section vibration in FHP-V belts with cogged construction helps reduce noise generation. This allows users take advantage of Goodyear FHP V-belts longer than other standard belts available in the market.

Types of Fractional FHP V-Belts Provided by Surfrainbow

The following are some of the popular types of FHP V-belts provided by Surfrainbow:

  • 2L FHP V-Belts: These V-belts are provided in the range of 12ʺ-240 ʺ.
  • 3L FHP V-Belts: The V-belts are manufactured in the range of 12ʺ-240 ʺ.
  • 4L FHP V-Belts: These V-belts are manufactured in the range of 15 ʺ-240 ʺ.
  • 5L FHP V-Belts: The FHP V-belts are available in the range of 22ʺ-550ʺ.

Applications of FHP V-Belts

The molded cogged FHP-V belts are used for various applications. Some popular ones include the following:

  • Light-duty machinery
  • Shop equipment
  • Fans and blowers
  • Home Appliances