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Hex V-Belts AA , BB , CC - Continental ContiTech Drive Timing Belts

Hex V-Belts AA , BB , CC


Continental ContiTech’s (formerly Goodyear) Hex V-belts, which are also known as double-V belts are designed for drives with reverse bends. ContiTech’s V-belts can transmit power from both – reversing and standard positions. Surfrainbow provides a comprehensive selection of Goodyear Hex V-belts in various dimensions and specifications to meet industrial requirements. These V-belts are designed for high performance, and long shelf life.

All the below mentioned V belts are suited for serpentine drives, which have more than two axle systems. An equal amount of power can be easily driven on both sides, and it helps drive the component in a reverse direction without crossing the belt.

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V-Belts Hex BB Dual view more
V-Belts Hex CC & CCP Dual view more

Types of Hex-V Belts

We provide the following types of Hex V belts:

  • Hex AA Section Double V-Belts
  • Hex BB Section Double V-Belts
  • Hex CC Section Double V-Belts

Beneficial Features of Hex-V Belts

The following are the beneficial features of Hex- V Belts

  • The belt is created from engineered rubber compound that ensures maximum performance. Rubber construction makes it oil, ozone, and heat resistant.
  • The Vytacord tension members provide excellent stretch resistance, and maximum strength. This factor helps while transmitting power from both sides of the belt.
  • The belt is made static conductive as per the RMA standards.

Applications using Hex-V Belts

The following are a few applications that use hex V-belts than others:

  • Conveyors
  • Mixers
  • Agitators
  • Lawn and Garden Equipment
  • Crushers
  • Saw Mills
  • Feed Mills