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HY-T Wedge V-Belts 3VX , 3V , 5VX , 5V , 8V - ContiTech Banded V-Belts

HY-T Wedge V-Belts 3VX , 3V , 5VX , 5V , 8V


HY-T® Wedge V-belts have a narrow cross-section, which helps them distribute uniform stress over the tension members. This ensures a reliable and consistent power transmission. Compared to the other types of belts, these are narrower and weightless. As the belt gets narrower, the sheave required for belts also gets thinner and narrower. This helps increase the efficiency of the drive. These belts are most commonly used in vibrating drives, and pulsating loads applications. SurfRainbow provides a vast range of products, such as belts and pulleys from well-known manufacturers. We only provide those products that are of high-quality. A wide range of products including different types of HY-T® Wedge V-belts are available with us. These V-belts are manufactured by world’s leading brand – Continental ContiTech (Formerly known as Goodyear). The different types of HY-T® Wedge V-belts that we provide, include 3VX, 3V, 5VX, 5V, 8V, Banded V-Belts. These V-belts are manufactured by world’s leading manufacturers of belts and pulleys – Continental ContiTech (Formerly known as Goodyear).

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Beneficial Features of HY-T® Wedge V-belts

A lot of beneficial features of HY-T® Wedge V-belts make them a preferred choice in a number of application requirements. Following are the key beneficial features of the V-belts manufactured by Continental ContiTech and provided by SurfRainbow: 

  1. The narrow cross section design of these belts provides savings through efficiency.
  2. HY-T® Wedge V-belts are made from Vytacord tension members, which provide dimensional stability and tensile strength to the belts. This makes the belts capable of surviving harsh mechanical and environmental conditions.
  3. The static conductive property of these belts, makes them ideal for applications that involve explosive gases, powders, or liquids. As they are static conductive, these belts are also widely used to minimize the chances of static sparks.
  4. These belts have cogs on their inner surface, which help heat dissipation and increase air flow. This also increases the durability of these belts.
  5. The belts have a deeper wedge profile, which helps a better contact between the belt and sheave. This results in an increased horsepower.
  6. You can make use of smaller belts to generate equal horsepower as classical style belts. This requires lighter pulleys.
  7.  These belts have a coating of fabric that is resistant to oil and abrasion. This coating delivers lateral strength and longitudinal flexibility to the joined belt.
  8. These V-belts have high-quality Continental ContiTech rubber compound reinforced cushion stock, which is fiber loaded. This helps increase the strength of the belts.

SurfRainbow is very particular about the quality of products it provides its customers. We have consistently provided the best-in-class products and services, and this has helped us in becoming one of the leading providers.