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HY-T Plus Classical V- Belts A , B , C, D , E - Continental ContiTech Drive Belts

HY-T Plus  Classical V- Belts  A , B , C, D , E


Quick-Disconnect (QD) Bushing-Bore V-Belt Pulleys Use the same pulley on multiple shaft diameters. These pulleys mate with compatible quick-disconnect (QD) bushings (sold separately) that can be swapped out for a different bore size. Features & Benefits • Available in: A , B combination and C, D, 3V, 5V, 8V belts profiles • Notched belts can be used with all multiple sheaves • Available in 1 to 12 Groove • Use Q (Quick Detachable) Bushing System to mount sheaves to the shaft • Q (Quick Detachable) Bushing system provides: • Reverse Mounting possible • 3/4" taper per foot is a self-locking taper • Interchangeable with competitive Q (Quick Detachable) bushings Industries • HVAC • Mining • Lawn & Garden Equipment • Material Handling • Baking • Light Duty Fans & Blowers Applications • Fans & Blowers • Ventilation Units

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