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Torque - Flex V-Belts AX , BX , CX - Continental ContiTech Drive Belts

Torque - Flex V-Belts AX , BX , CX


Torque Flex V-belts are premium belts that are particularly designed for high tension, tough, and small sheave diameter drives. These classical profile belts are known to deliver increased horsepower. These belts allow drives to deliver desired horsepower at a low component cost. Being fully cogged, the Torque Flex® V-belts provide complete contact between the high-traction rubber edges, and the grooves of sheaves. In this way, you get the desired horsepower at low drive cost. SurfRainbow is a leading provider of branded, and durable V-belts and pulleys. We stock a huge assortment of different types of belts and pulleys of varied specification, from which you can select the one that best suits your application requirements. We provide only the high quality, and robust pulleys and belts. There are three basic types of Torque Flex® V-belts we provide, namely, AX, BX, and CX. These belts and sheaves are manufactured by Continental ContiTech (Formerly known as Goodyear). It is the leading manufacturer of sheaves and belts.

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Beneficial Features of Torque Flex Cogged V-belts

The Torque Flex V-belts provided by SurfRainbow have a lot of beneficial features, because of which several applications use these belts. Here are some of the most key features of Torque Flex Cogged V-belts.

  1. Compared to standard V-belts, the Torque Flex Molded Cogged V-belts have 25-30% higher power rating. This helps increase the energy efficiency of the belt up to 4%.
  2. These belts have high strength and the capability to deliver high horsepower. Hence, the desired horsepower can be achieved with lesser number of belt sheave grooves.
  3. These V-belts are cogged, which enables higher flexibility and heat dissipation. This high flexibility allows the belts to make full contact with the grooves of a pulley.
  4. The belts are static conductive. So, they are used in the applications that require the possibility of static sparks to be kept lowest. These belts are an ideal choice for applications involving explosive powders, gases, or liquids.
  5. The Torque Flex V-belts are made from Vytacord tension members, which are capable to withstand environmental, as well as mechanical abuse.
  6. The crush –resistant cushion of these belts not only help decrease the downtime, but also reduces the replacement cost of the belt.
  7. The fabric used to coat these belts resists abrasion and heat. This provides lateral strength, as well as longitudinal flexibility.
  8. These belts are of great help in applications involving heavy loads, as well as high shock loads.

SurfRainbow is determined to provide the best-in-class products from well-known manufacturers. Our consistency in providing high-quality, sturdy, and durable V-belts and sheaves has made us one of the leading providers.