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Banded V-Belts 5VL , 5VF , 8VF - Contitech Banded V - Belts

Banded V-Belts 5VL , 5VF , 8VF


Continental ContiTech’s (formerly Goodyear) Torque Team laminated V-belts are designed for drives that experience frequent slippage. This condition may be brought by heavy logs, or lumber that may jam the equipment. Surfrainbow provides these “engineered to slip” V-belts in standard lengths with 5VL belt cross sections. The 5VL laminated V-belts can be interchanged with standard 5VX V-belts, and 5V belts that are used in all power transmission drives. These belts are designed to ensure superior drive performance.

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Beneficial Features of Torque Team Laminated V-Belts

The following are some of the beneficial features of Torque Team laminated Industrial Heavy Duty V belts:

  • These belts are distinguishable due to their special sidewalls that act as controlling factor, when used in complicated applications. The sidewalls allow belts to slip, until the obstruction is cleared. Also, the sidewalls help maintain the superior wear resistance capabilities of these laminated V-belts.
  • ContiTech’s Torque Team Laminated V-belts are made from Vytacord tensile members. The Vytacord construction enables high horsepower ratings, as well as high strength.
  • The belt is wrapped with Goodyear’s oil and resistant rubber compound – Wingprene. This helps the transmission belt withstand harsh operating conditions.
  • The V-belts have narrow ribs, which increase their efficiency. This helps save on maintenance costs..
  • The joined or banded construction makes it ideal for problematic drives. This construction helps prevent vibrations, pulsations, shock loading, or misalignment.
  • These belts are made static conductive, which helps ensure trouble-free operations.
  • The belts are provided in the classical cross sections – A, B, C, D, BX & CX, as well as Poly-V cross sections (H, J, L, &M).

All the above-mentioned features have helped improve the belt life up to 4 times, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

Applications of Torque Team Laminated V Belts

The laminated Heavy Duty V-belts are recommended for the following drive types:

  • Chippers
  • Trimmers
  • Debarkers
  • Gang Saws
  • Chip-n-Saws
  • Cut-Off-Saws
  • Deck Saws