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Falcon HTC 8M ,14M

Falcon HTC 8M ,14M


Continental ContiTech’s Falcon Pd HTC belts and pulleys (earlier branded as Goodyear Falcon Pd HTC belts and pulleys) are designed to meet power transmission requirements of advanced motor systems. These synchronous drives and pulleys have a power transfer rate of 98%, and are an ideal replacement for traditional chain drives. Curved GTC Falcon HTC timing belts are available in 8M and 14M pitches. These pitches complement its performance-oriented construction in terms of precision engagement, as well as quietness.

Falcon HTC synchronous drive systems are designed for applications that require excellent performance and energy savings. To know more about these noise-free belts and pulleys, you can call us at 800-407-8514.

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Advantages of Continental Falcon HTC 8M, 14M Timing Belts and Pulleys

The following advantages that Continental Pd 8M, 14M Belts and Pulleys provide:

  • The belts and pulleys are ideal for high horsepower and low torque applications, as well as a wide range of chain drives.
  • Falcon HTC synchronous drive systems have 30% increased power carrying capacities than earlier Falcon Pd belts.
  • The systems are maintenance free after the first installation.
  • Falcon GTR pulleys are provided in steel or cast iron construction, which makes them suitable for taper lock bushing SERSIT.
  • The synchronous belts have excellent tensile strength that ensures premium performance at temperatures up to 200 oC.
  • Falcon HTC belts can be availed with static conductive elements for special applications.

Applications of 8M, 14M Falcon HTC Timing Belts and Pulleys

Continental’s 8M, 14M synchronous belts and pulleys can be used on a variety of applications, as well as in different industries:

  • Machine Tools: These may include horizontal lathes, grinders, saws, planers, milling machines, etc.
  • Petrochemical Industry: The applications may include refrigeration plants, fin fans, rotary gear pumps, compressors, etc.
  • Food Processing: Falcon HTC belts are used in packaging conveyors, mills, conveyor hangers, etc.
  • Paper, Wood, and Textile Processing: Synchronous belts from Falcon are largely used in paper, wood, and textile processing applications such as wood lathes, pulp and paper machines, spinning, winding and wrapping instrument, etc.
  • HVAC: Goodyear Pd belts are used in centrifuges, compressors, fans, vacuum systems, etc.