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Positive Drive PD Industrial Timing Belts - Continental ContiTech

Timing Belts


Positive drive belts or positive drive timing belts are synchronous drive belts, which have teeth on their underside. The teeth synchronizes with the gears cut in the timing pulley, thereby facilitating a slippage-free operation. Thus, the torque is more efficiently delivered by positive drive timing belts as compared to that delivered by belt drives or chain drives. SurfRainbow is a leading provider of positive drive timing belts of different types. These belts are manufactured by world-famous manufacturer – Continental ContiTech (formerly known as Goodyear).

The positive drive timing belts provided by us are manufactured using world-class rubber technology. This helps our belts resist unfavorable environmental factors, which otherwise affects their operation, and shortens their service. The specialized compound technology that we provide includes exceptionally good resistance to ozone, heat, and oil. This helps preserve the flexibility of the belt, along with increasing its durability. This leads to a longer life of the timing belts.

Product Category

Mini Extra Light 0.080 Pitch view more
XL Extra Light 0.200 Pitch view more
Dual XL Extra Light 0.200 Pitch view more
L Light 0.375 Pitch view more
Dual L Light 0.375 Pitch view more
H Heavy 0.500 Pitch view more
Dual H Heavy 0.500 Pitch view more
XH Extra Heavy 0.875 Pitch view more
XXH Double Extra Heavy 1.250 Pitch view more

Different Positive Drive Timing Belts at SurfRainbow

Here are a few examples of positive drive synchronous timing belts that we provide:

  • Mini Extra Light (XL): The Mini Extra Light positive drive timing belts have a pitch of 0.08″.
  • H Heavy: These types of synchronous positive drive belts have a pitch of 0.50″.
  • L Light: The L Light positive drive belts are characterized by a pitch of 0.375″.

Apart from those mentioned above, we also provide XL extra light, dual XL extra light, dual L light, dual, H heavy, XH extra heavy, and XXH double extra heavy positive drive belts.

Benefits of ContiTech Positive Drive Industrial Timing Belts

There are a number of benefits of using positive drive timing belts. Here are a few benefits:

  1. High speed and high precision can be achieved by the positive drive belts.
  2. These timing belts undergo minimal elongation, and have excellent dimensional stability, owing to the fiberglass tension cords.
  3. The positive drive timing belts are compact and light in weight.
  4. The positive drive belts have trapezoidal teeth that are molded to precise tolerances. This helps the belts to mesh perfectly with the grooves on the pulleys.
  5. These belts are more cost-effective as compared to chain and gears.
  6. They offer minimum friction, thus reducing the chances of wear and tear. Hence, the downtime for repair or replacement of the belts can be reduced considerably.
  7. Unlike regular belt drives, the positive drive belts do not need friction to transfer torque between belts and pulleys. This helps increase the efficiency of the positive drive belts.
  8. The positive drive timing belts have a gear and tooth configuration. This helps them provide a drive system that does not slip, thus making the positive drive belt more effective in automotive engines.
  9. The tooth and gear system of the positive drive belts do not require lubrication.

Other than positive drive timing belts, we also provide Synchrochain®, ContiTech SilentSync, and Falcon HTC® timing belts.