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Roller Chain & Sprockets

Roller Chain & Sprockets


Rainbow Precision Products stocks a full line of roller chain sprockets, and bushings for use in many different industries, including aggregate, food, and packaging. Our solid roller chains are heavy duty, designed with heat-treated side plates and pins to withstand heavy shock load and severe conditions. All roller chains are pre-stretched. The roller chain sprockets offered are in inch dimensions, with standard keyways and two set screws, with or without hardened teeth, also are offered in stainless steel. Bushings are made as an insert for sprockets, to accept metric and inch bores. Roller chain can be used to run conveyors or almost any kind of power machinery. This section is for single strand chain made from carbon steel. The chain sold in this section comes in 10 FT boxes. We also sell chain in 50 and 100 FT reels. Please call us or send an RFQ if you require reel lengths Roller Chain Double Pitch, this chain has half as many rollers and links that are twice as long as other roller chain, this lightweight chain is designed for long drives and low- to moderate-speed applications. It can be used with standard sprockets. Chain comes in 10 FT boxes, but is also available on 50 and 100 FT reels upon request.

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