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SilentSync Belts & Sprockets


SilentSync timing belts and sprockets are merged into an innovative, patented Helical Offset Tooth (HOT) design, which ensures improved energy efficiency of drive systems. These power transmission belts & sprockets provide smoothest, vibration-free, and quietest operations due to their rolling tooth engagement. These innovative drive systems are upgraded from SilentSync’s previous model Eagle PD TM, and are more efficient than the regular chain drives, and round- tooth timing belts. SilentSync(by Continental ContiTech formerly known as Goodyear) timing Belts & Drive Sprockets are best known for their For slip-free, synchronous power transmission.

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SilentSync drive systems are designed to help any organization achieve high productivity and efficiency. These drive systems can easily meet demands of high power systems. Thus, SurfRainbow is a destination when you require a vibration-free system, or a high-horsepower timing belts & drive Sprockets.

Advantages of SilentSync Timing Belts and Sprockets - 

The following advantages of SilentSync timing belts and sprockets advocate their growing popularity as reliable drive systems.

  • The patented drive systems have a high temperature, and energy efficiency rating of 98%, and can convey 25% more power than Eagle Pd TM. Hence, these drive systems are well-suited for high-end, and high-horsepower drive applications.
  • These belts and sprockets have a wide range of operating temperatures, and are rated for continual services at 90oC (200oF), while offering static conductivity for special applications.
  • Available in various lengths, these drive packages are suited for various long-center, and cooling tower applications.
  • The patented drive systems allow over 1,500 possible sprocket combinations, and are 17-19dB quieter than straight tooth synchronous belts.
  • These systems with their reduced weight and size make ideal replacements for many traditional V-belt drives. 

SilentSync Timing Belt and Sprocket Applications - 

All the above advantages make the SilentSync belts and sprockets ideal for various industrial applications such as:

  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Aluminum/Steel Conveyors
  • Aggregate Crushers
  • Packaging Conveyors
  • Wood Debarkers and Saws
  • Poultry/Meat Grinders
  • Mining Equipment
  • Paper Presses
  • Chain Drives
  • Hog Dehairers
  • Textile Machines
  • Baking Mixers
  • Horizontal Drives
  • Printing Machines