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Synchrochain 8M , 14M

Synchrochain 8M , 14M


CONTI SYNCHROCHAIN CARBON high tensile polyurethane perfectly joined with carbon cord makes the difference. It has higher power capacity, longer service lives and almost zero initial tension loss giving you the peace of mind you deserve. With its newly developed carbon tension member at its heart, Synchrochain Carbon is launching itself into the leading position among the world highest performing timing belts. Conti Synchrochain Carbon can transmit up to 5x more power than conventional timing belts with the same overall width. Belt width can be reduced by up to 80%. More compact drives mean overall system costs can be reduced by using Synchrochain Carbon. Synchrochain is extremely wear resistant, abrasion resistant and maintenance-free. It can offer an increased service life of up to 100% when compared to competitive heavy-duty timing belts. The great stiffness of the cord in CONTI Synchrochain Carbon means initial tension loss is cut almost to zero. Over the lifetime of the belt, this represents a further enhancement in drive efficiency for increased power longer life. To know more about performance-oriented 8M, 14M pulleys, as well as 8M, 14M belts, you can contact us at (888) 268-2139 or email us at

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