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Contitech (Goodyear Eagle NRG) White 8MM Timing Belt -W-1000 SilentSync

  • W-1000 SilentSync W-1000 SilentSync
Item NumberW-1000 SilentSync
Pitch MM8MM
Pitch Lgth. MM1000MM
Pitch Lgth. Inch39.37
W (MM)32MM
Interchange W1000 GOODYEAR NRG EAGLE
SAP #20038811
Weight (lbs.)0.32

Rainbow Price: $88.19

List Price: $158.61



The W-1000 SilentSync White 8MM Belts Goodyear Eagle NRG are designed to meet material handling and power transferring needs across various industries. These timing belts with their unique concept of helical offset teeth provide the benefits of noiseless operations, low vibrations, high transmissible power, and low energy consumption to users. SilentSync White 8MM belts are provided with standard pulleys in ductile iron, or cast iron with tapered or pre-bored boring. These White SilentSync Goodyear Eagle NRG belts are made from Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR), which provides them excellent physical strength, and longevity. The nylon and polyethylene tissue teeth cover enables these belts to perform in corrosive environments. Hence, these timing belts are part of performance-demanding applications such as airport baggage handling systems, packaging industry, electronic assembly lines, etc.

The W-1000 SilentSync White 8MM Belts Goodyear Eagle NRG have pitch length 39.37 inches (imperial)/ 1000 MM (Metric), width 32MM, and weight 0.32 lbs. The timing belts with 125 meshing teeth, and are capable of transmitting large torques, and withstanding high impact.

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