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Gear Reducers & Access.

Gear Reducers & Access.


Worm Gear Reducers also know as worm gearbox or worm speed reducers. Worm gear reducers are used for speed reduction and increasing the torque for electric motor drives. You can choose to mount your NEMA motor to the reducer by using the NEMA C face flange or use a coupling. See our coupling section for selecting a coupling. We offer three assemblies left hand and right hand and double output shaft.

Gear Motors Reducers motor is totally enclosed fan cooled TEFC enclosure 5 Dual rated service factor|1.15 for 40°C/ 1.0 for 65°C Class F insulation Rigid base Premium Efficiency, Meets or exceeds EISA 2007 requirements defined in NEMA MG-1 table 12-12 All cast iron housings for unquestioned strength and reliability Gears are precision processed for better rotation and quieter operation No coupling necessary. Drop-in for most major European-produced inline reducer brands 5 Year Warranty Motor 3 Year Warranty Gearbox

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